Full-time Faculty

Hsien-Te Lin

Sustainability and Environmental Control / Chair Professor

Sustainability and Environmental Control / Chair Professor


Ph.D. in Engineering, Tokyo University, Japan
M.Eng., Tokyo University, Japan
B.S. in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan Taiwan


Chair, Green Building Label Assessment Commission

Expertise & Research Interests

Architectural Physics
Architectural Energy Saving
Green Building

SIRAYA Research Laboratory

SIRAYA Lab’s Research Focus: Architectural Physics Building Energy Green Building Design Building Carbon Footprint & Management Building Energy Conservation and Vernacular Architecture Design.
Professor Lin Hsien-Te specializes in Dynamic Building Energy Analysis and Green Building Design and received his Ph.D. Engineering from Tokyo University of Japan. In 1987, he received the Award of the Year from the Society of Heating, Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineering of Japan. In 1995, he established a simplified algorithm to predict building energy consumption with respect to ENVLOAD index, which became the basis of Taiwan’s building energy-saving design specifications. In 1999, he established Taiwan’s Green Building Evaluation System, also known as EEWH System. The government used EEWH to set standards for Taiwan’s green building design as well as an important coordination tool for construction policies.
Professor Lin. is not only a prolific architecture researcher, but also a renowned writer for his work in environmental protection, energy-saving, green building design and vernacular architecture.