Full-time Faculty

Yu-Hsiang Yeh

Architectural Engineering / Assistant Professor

Architectural Engineering / Assistant Professor


Dr-Ing. in Civil Engineering, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
M.Arch., Vienna University of Technology, Austria
M.S. in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan Taiwan
B.S. in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan Taiwan


Member, Committee of CNS, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
Assistant, Bois Consult Natterer, Switzerland
Lecturer, International Program, TU Dresden, Germany
Scientific staff, Institute for steel and timber construction, TU Dresden, Germany

Expertise & Research Interests

Modern Timber construction
Life cycle assessment of architecture
Conservation of cultural heritage
Composite material
Engineered timber

Institute For Urban Timber & Composite Architecture

The focus of the institute is on modern timber construction, life cycle assessment and heritage conservation. The architectural technology, constructional system and integral performance are the essential interests of the leader and research staff. As far as the modern timber construction is concerned, the derived subjects include its building system, constructing technique, application potential and environmental efficiency. The research consequence contributes to developing mid-rise or high-rise timber buildings located in urban context. The target of life cycle assessment about architecture is to develop sustainable technology for the building sector. The consequence of reliable and recyclable constructions responds to the concepts about circle economy. The heritage conservation is important work of the institute, particularly the investigation and analyses of various materials and constructions.
All the research results are integrated into the associated lectures, such as ‘Building construction’, ‘Design of modern timber construction’ and ‘Life cycle assessment’.