Full-time Faculty

Shuenn-Ren Liou

Design Research / Professor

Design Research / Professor


D.Arch., University of Michigan, USA
M.Arch. (with High Distinction), University of Michigan, USA
B.S. in Architecture, National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan Taiwan

Expertise & Research Interests

Architectural Design and Urbanism
Architectural Morphology
Design Methodology and Theories
Circular Design



MORPHOLOGY is Morphological Enquiry. It attempts to study and discuss systematically the surface and deep structures of form and space. PROTOTYPE places emphasis on prototype-making. It refers to the process of concept-forming. PROTOTYPE drives innovative thinking and development through rapid graphic and model generation. MORPHOLOGY X PROTOTYPE establishes a platform for research, design, and practice by the introduction of the methodological framework of Design Thinking. It deals with the emerging and significant issues in contemporary architecture and urban environment. It includes the exploration on trans-regional issues in Asia from a macro perspective, the investigation on the material system and space culture from a micro perspective, and the facilitation on city collective, cross-border co-creation and organization.

The outcomes of the application of design thinking on city planning in recent years are compiled into the book entitled “Elephant Dancing: Creative Bureaucracy through Design Thinking.” Prof. Liou is the guest editor for Architectural Institute of Taiwan Magazine on the special issue called “Architectural Design under the Framework of Circular Economy.” He is also the curator of the International Pavilion “BeTwin Ocean” with the theme of Circular Economy for Taiwan Design EXPO 2017. MORPHOLOGY X PROTOTYPE has recently devoted more to the R&D and teaching on circular materials and circular design.