Interactive Architecture: Space as Medium, Interface, and Robot

Artifact as Interface

Information Corridor
iTable-Tangible User Interfaces for Three Dimensional Interactive Computer-Aided Architectural Design
Interactive Media-A Multimodal Approach to HCI Interface Design in Digital Design Studios
iNavigator-Augmented Design Tools
Tangible Time-Digital Museum Exhibition
Digital Media and Architecture Exhibition
Mobile Augmented Reality for Spatial Information Exploration
Ecology AR- Exploring Invisible Water Recycling System by the Tangible AR Interface
RFID Phicon
Chi-Mei Aspire Home
Remote Senses- The Connectedness abd Representation of Environmental Contexts
Interactive Garden
Hybrid Cube- A Tangible Device with Instant Visualization for Web Awareness
iAWN- An Aesthetics, Well-being, and Network Design for Smart Living Spaces
Modeling Gestures for Perceptual Interfaces
iAWN + Livindex
EME(Energy Meter)- Personal Energy Awareness
iCOM-ISharing Care Emotion with Families via the Tangible and Portable User Interface

Space as Medium

Exploring Digital City with Physical Interactions
Space prototypes for achieving ”Ubiquitous Computing”- Reconfiguring the Existing Space with Physical Interactions
A Context-Aware Home for Child-minding
Mobile Topology- Personal Mobile Device for Situated Interaction
Gestural Interaction Wall
IP++ Information Portal in Smart Environment
Interactive Awareness- Using Personal Service Assistant for Direct Manipulation in Smart Space
Embower- Dancing in the Sentient Woods: Creating Personalized Experience of Mixed-Reality Nature
Digital warmness
Intelligent Flexible Spatial System
Interactive Temple- Spiritual Ambiance in Interactive Temple
MAPMARK- Search for an Answer Closed to You
Open Space 2.0- The Omnipresent Time Capsule
The Research of Augmented Reality Registration Technology Applying on Architecture and Urban Outdoor Guiding Systems – Using “Cultural Heritage Guiding System” and “Invisible Shop Signboard” as Examples
Life Log in Smart Space- The Rules between the Smart Space and Living Activities
Grave Story House- Paint Me as I Am
Chapel of Water
Green Seeding- A Design Strategy for Micro Ecological Cycles
Green Dreams- Micro City
The Research of Position Tracking Technique in Augmented Reality Based on Value Decision Making
ACUPUNCTURE Tower- Core of City


Architecture as Robot

Mimosa System- Exploring Sensing-based Kinetic Design for Responsive Architecture
Library 2.0- Flowing Labyrinth
Eco Spirit- Kinetic Apparatus of Low Energy-cost for Building Energy Saving and Application of Adaptive Architectural Surface