Research Groups

Our faculty members work mainly independently regarding teaching and research. However, six research groups are loosely formed, providing related courses and fields for research. Cross group collaboration in teaching and research is under development.

Design Theory and Computing Group

The group provides training for advanced understanding of design theory, aiming at cultivating students' creative ability and promoting the ability of independent thinking for design research. Its teaching emphasizes integration of real work/ operation with design theory and provides rich opportunities of international cooperation.

CAAD and media study in this group provides not only powerful tools but means for theoretical and technical breakthrough for design.

Architectural and Environmental Planning Group

The group welcomes students from different backgrounds that are interested in urban design and related studies. It provides courses regarding theory, methods and history, in conjunction with practicals and specialized studies. The training focuses on the building of students’ ability for environment analysis, professional communication, and project evaluation. Both teaching and research concern theoretical reasoning and real-world situations.

Architecture History and Conservation Group

The focus of its curriculum is as follows: (1) nurturing professional researchers in all types of architecture history and theory; (2) strengthening architects' professional knowledge of reutilizing and maintaining historical architecture.

Building Structure Group

The group provides advanced knowledge in building structure, aiming at nurturing students' independent ability in research. The goal of the curriculum is to equip architects with sound knowledge base for structural engineering and engineers with fundamental knowledge and design skill of architecture.

Construction and Management Group

The research focus of this group is building construction and management. The group pays close attention to the use of building materials, construction techniques, and financial analysis of development etc. The courses it provides aim to equip students with sound construction knowledge responsive to the industry’s current need and developing trend.

Building Performance and Environment Control Group

The research area in this group includes analysis of single and multiple physical factor; it also involves collation of environmental control and architectural construction, and the research topic on the affection of the improved environmental control to the development of permanent architecture. The research area includes environment of ecology, sound, light and heat, air, and water, etc.; combining with physics, biology and chemistry, psychology and architecture to establish a plan, design, structure, and material to maintain research in the related field.


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