Hwang, Buh-Ching Adjunct Professors

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1948 born in Changhua Taiwan. Currently teaches at Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Master's degree, Department of Plastic Arts, University of Paris St-Denis, France. He uses raw materials such as water, wood, grass and iron or dysfunctional materials as media to work in painting, three-dimensional modeling, multimedia, environment art and so on.Those multiple creations are capable of presenting certain religious and mystical feelings. In 1990 unfolded for the first solo exhibition, since then solo and group exhibitions were holding these years. In 1998 selected to「Reflection and Reconsideration: 228 Commemorative Exhibition」 Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 1999 represented Taiwan for The 48th Venice Biennial.


  • Fall
    • FINE ART (1)
  • Spring
    • FINE ART (2)

Education & Experiences

  • Education
    • 1981 France to pursue advanced studies
    • 1977 Art Department of National Taiwan Normal University
  • Experiences
    • 2004 Went to Tatabanya,Hungary as an exchange artist
    • 2002 Went to Budapest,Hungary as an exchange artist
    • 1998 Went to Boston,USA as an exchange artist
    • 1992-93 Went to Paris, France for further studies (National Science Council Scholarship)
    • 1987 Received Master of Fine Arts from the University of Paris and then returned to Taiwan
    • 1981 Went to Paris, France to pursue advanced studies
    • 1977 Graduated from Art Department of National Taiwan Normal University and later established the Freedom Art Society
    • 1969 Entered Li Chun-sheng's studio to study modern art


  • 繪畫
  • 立體造型
  • 多媒體藝術
  • 環境藝術


  1. Solo Exhibitions
    1. 2009 Land,Life & Love—Hwang Buh-ching Solo Exhibition,Miaoli Jin-Zhi Gallery
    2. 2008 Seed,Life & Love—Hwang Buh-ching Solo Exhibition(Installation),Miaoli Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
    3. 2006 Drifting Wave, Life and Secret Love—Hwang Buh-ching Solo Exhibition(Installation), National Cheng Kung University Art Center, Tainan
    4. 2006 Meditation over Nature—Hwang Buh-ching Solo Exhibition(Installation), Taichung Gallery 107
    5. 2002 Solo Exhibition(Installation), Hungary: KAS Modern Art Gallery, Budapest
    6. 2001 Artistic Reflection on Mother Earth,National Cheng Kung University Art Center, Tainan
    7. 2000 Solo Exhibition, Tainan City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan
  2. Group Exhibitions
    1. 2005 Contemporary Art from Taiwan at the Venice Biennale 1995-2003, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
    2. 2004 A Dialogue between the Ocean and the Land—Taiwanese Art, Hungary--Tatabanya, Hungary
    3. 2003 Interlocking Oceans—Growth of Historical Objects, Stone Commune, Macao
    4. 2001 "A Tale of Two Cities" Tainan and Quebec Art and Culture Exchange Exhibition—National Tainan Social Education Center, Taiwan
    5. 2000 Demonstrating Taiwanese Contemporary Art—Paris International Art Village, France
    6. 2000 Shanghai Biennial,"High Sea, Shanghai" — Shanghai Art Museum, China


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