Fu, Chao-Ching Distinguished Prof.

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  • Fellow, Acadomy of Educators, NCKU
  • Distinguished Professor of NCKU
  • Committee Member of various committees related to cultural heritage under the Council for Cultural
    Affairs (CCA), Taichung County, Tainan City, Tainan County, Chiayi City and Lienchian County.
  • Columnist for various magazines
  • Visiting Lecturer at Eslite Forum and various lecturer halls


  • Fall
    • History of western architecture
    • Theory on architecture conservation
  • Spring
    • Special topics on the adaptive resue in architecture

Education & Experiences

  • Education & Experience
    • 1990 Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, UK
    • 1983 M.Arch Degree, University of ashington at Seattle, USA
    • 1979 B.S. in Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


  • Architectural History
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Photography

Honor & Awards

  • 2010/03 Distinguished Professor Award of NCKU
  • 2009/12 Alberti Award for Research and Teaching History of World Architecture
  • 2009/11 Supervision Award for 2008 Master Thesis (Student: Wang, Feng-Chun)
  • 2009/05 Architectural Award on Exceptional Achievement of Culture and Arts on Architecture, the Architectural Institute of ROC
  • 2009/05 Distinguished Research Paper Award, First Meeting of the 21st Research Works Symposium of the Architectural Institute of ROC

Conference Participation

  • 傳統建築在現代亞洲Tradition Architecture in contemporary Asia,91/10/17至19.
  • Proceedings of 2002 Seoul International Conference on East Asian Architectural History,91.
  • International Symposium on Refracted Colonial Modernity in Art and Design of Taiwan,90 /08/28.
  • International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Revitalization,90 /09 /23.
  • 2001閒置空間再利用國際研討會2001 International Symposium on Reuse of the Redundant and Neglected Historic spaces and Buildings,90/09/23.


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