Welcome to join db.Bootcamp 2015


Welcome to join db.Bootcamp 2015
db.Bootcamp is an annual workshop hold by db.School, NCKU.

Aiming at introduce real problems of industry and encourage students to future develop the proposal to be their topic of practical thesis after the Bootcamp, db this year is going to hold the international Bootcamp  on 12-18 July.

Now open for all students to apply !


The topic of  db.Bootcamp 2015 is "RETURN", which focusing on the international brand marketing of local enterprises. Stressing on the modifications which can whether lifting efficiency or increase sales performance while facing cultural differences. 


In addition to 3 partner  enterprises will join to lead the research questions, we have invite students from China and Japan to join our camp this year.

Moreover, to better immerse with the enterprises, each of our partner enterprises will send 1-2 future managers into groups. 


It is a good chance for students to interact with other participants from abroad、industry and with diversity backgrounds. 

All MA and PhD students are welcomed to join db.Bootcamp! 

Please apply as soon as possible since there are only limited space. 


Any question please feel free to contact Valery via mail or phone(ext.54360).

Thank you.

林友淳 / Valery Lin

db.School  專案助理 Project Assistant

Tel:06-2757575 #54360




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To be announced