Pedagogical Philosophy

The central theme of our educational programs is first to broaden students' views and deepen their understanding about the natures of our living environments, and secondly, on the basis of such views and understandings to equip them with profound knowledge and professional skills to intervene. The common base we can share is our commitment to cultivation of the mind and the heart of our students in the framework of values that is humanistically, socially, and environmentally responsible Through carefully structured courses, students will intellectually advance not only their domain knowledge but also their analytical, organizational, and imaginary capabilities that are the fundamentals to their future developments in design and design-based research fields.

The undergraduate program is mainly focusing on the liberal education along with basic professional training. To achieve this goal, the mandatory core courses are reduced to the extent that will provide students with entry level practice competence and background knowledge for advanced studies. The elective program is expanded to allow some concentration of study in certain area for the development of special interests.

The diversity of working approaches and positions in the department makes possible a variety of career developments and academic programs. The most shared value in the graduate programs is to develop attitudes of responsibility for leadership in each disciplinary field, and the attitudes that will lead to the advancement of knowledge and the professional arts. The academic program that offers research training (mainly through PhD program) for those who have shown great potentials to make substantially original contribution to the subject concerned is also developed to encourage and require critical judgment and self-motivation.


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