Degree Programs

The department offers two programs for undergraduate studies: the five-year architecture program and the four-year building science program starting 2009. The former requires students to take 160 credits, while the latter 141. Both programs consist of courses of fundamental humanity, architectural design, architectural history and theory, fundamentals of planning, environment control, and structure and building technology. Architecture program require five year, 45 credits of architectural design and related courses while building science program require three architectural design training. The former is provided with more social science courses while the latter engineering ones.

Higher Degree programs offered by the department include the Masters and the PhDs. For the Master program 36 minimum credits are required, including 6 credits of thesis study. For the PhD program 24 minimum credits are required, including also 6 credits of thesis study. Our PhD program regulates also requirement of comprehension of at least one foreign language and the publications of research papers in acknowledged journals before thesis submission.

The Department of Architecture focuses on the study and design of the human environment -- architectural and urban. Graduates of the school pursue careers in architectural design and teaching. The department offers three degree programs:


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