Cultural Palette


The Global Forum team cordially invites you to join us the following session:

Theme: Cultural Palette 

When: June 06, 2017, Tuesday, 6:00-8:30PM

Where: National Cheng Kung University Cheng Hsing Campus , Medical college 2F Lecture
Room Ⅳ

Who: Whole student body (regardless of nationality)


Every country has its unique culture. It is obvious to see their philosophies and values through t
values through their celebrations and ceremonies. In this forum, we will look at their celebrations and
celebrations and ceremonies from different angles with you. Furthermore, by comparing them, we can und
them, we can understand their similarities and differences.

What you can get from this forum:

1. The introduction of celebrations and ceremonies of French, EI Salvador, Indonesia and Taiwan

and Taiwan

2. How to face culture shock.

Also, we provide snacks from different countries as the reward.

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