The Department of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University was established in 1944, one of the first five departments of the university. It is also the first architecture school at college level in Taiwan. Top quality teaching and research has always been the Department’s key concern. The development of Masters and PhD programs, respectively in 1968 and 1991, was responsive to the need of the industry, society and to the need of upgrading the Department’s capacity to contribute to this field.

Since its establishment the Department has contributed significantly to the training of architectural profession, to the advancement of knowledge, and to the improvement of Taiwan’s building industry and urban environment.

The Department values the breadth and multi-disciplinarity inherent in architectural education and strives to provide top quality facilities, environment, and programs to support creative, critical learning and innovative, relevant research. The forming of a new College of Planning and Design in the university since 2003 is in line with our philosophy and help enhance cross- departmental collaboration in teaching and research.

Undergraduate courses provide a sound and balanced fundamental training that students can be equipped to enter their later architectural career. A five year architectural program and a four building science program are offered since 2009. The Graduate School provides a wide range of study fields that Master students can take to advance their professional understanding and skills or to prepare themselves for a higher/research degree. The PhD program offers a setting that students can develop their potential for academic study and complete their research projects.

Over sixty years of development, accumulation, growth and changes, the Department not only trained outstanding professionals in this field, established an atmosphere of study and striving for excellence, but also developed in different stages new perspectives for teaching and research. Our current and short-term goal is to sustain its teaching and research quality and to strive to be one of the best architectural schools in Asia, through internal reforms and international links and cooperation.

The Department accepts 60 students to the undergraduate course and 70 to Masters, 20 to PhD annually. Its current population is around 600, serviced by 27 full-time faculty members and 22 part-time faculty members.


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