NUS Call for AY2017/18 Semester 2 Nominations


主旨:NUS Call for AY2017/18 Semester 2 Nominations

Greetings from the National University of Singapore!

I am pleased to work with you in facilitating your students’ exchange applications to study at NUS during Academic Year (AY) 2017/18 Semester 2 (January to May 2018).


1.       Student exchange numbers for AY17/18

We agreed in 2014 on the total number of semester places we could accept from you for the whole AY 2017/18.  Please do observe this agreed number and inform us in advance if you wish to suggest a different number. If you are unsure of the agreed number of semester places, please do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.


2.    NUS Student Exchange Information Sheet

Please find attached the latest NUS Student Exchange Information Sheet which contains important information on module restrictions, application procedures, required supporting documents, deadlines, visa application, etc.  We encourage you to share the information sheet with your students or refer your students to our website:


3.    Important things to note:

a. Nomination Sheet:   NUS will only process your students’ applications for fee-waiver Non-Graduating Exchange (NGE) programme if they are nominated by your office. Please include the relevant information using the attached Nomination Sheet and return it to me by 1 September 2017. 

Please note that students’ names in the nomination/application must be identical to their passports for visa application purpose.  If the student goes by a name other than the one indicated on his or her passport, please include this name under “Remarks” column in the nomination template.  The year of studies while they are on exchange in NUS as well as the students’ major of studies need to be included in the nomination sheet so that we can provide relevant advice on modules.

b. Workload requirements: Exchange students are required to take a minimum workload of 12 modular credits (approximately 3 modules) per semester in order to be eligible for a Student’s Pass (Student Visa). The list of available modules can be found at this link (please note the list of modules will be updated in mid-August 2017).  Students are advised to clear their Study Plan with their academic tutor at the Home University before requesting up to 10 relevant courses in their online application to increase their chances of securing the required modules. 

c. Module restrictionsUndergraduate exchange students are encouraged to consider Level 1000 to 3000 modules. Level 4000 modules are mostly reserved for NUS graduating students.

Students coming to NUS on faculty-level specific exchange should take most or all of the modules from the hosting faculty in order to enjoy better priority during the module allocation process.

NUS is not able to guarantee any module for incoming exchange students. Therefore, it is important for all students to read the module restrictions at NUS before applying for the exchange. The list of limited or restricted modules can be found at this link  

d. Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed at NUS. If students require on-campus accommodation, they must indicate that they are “Exchange” students and select “Yes” for accommodation in their initial application in order to be considered for on-campus accommodation.  If rooms are available on-campus, Students who have correctly indicated the above will receive instructions on how and when to apply for accommodation in their Acceptance Letter from Registrar’s Office. 

Prospective exchange students are encouraged to do their research on both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options available to them, and ensure that they are satisfied with all aspects of the accommodation before committing to staying on- or off-campus. Due to shortage of accommodation on campus, it is very likely that exchange students might have to consider staying off campus. Students may refer to NUS Office of Student Affair’s guides for on-campus ( and off-campus ( accommodation.

e. Application: The online application system at will open from 1 September to 1 October 2017 for Semester 2 intake.  Students will not be able to submit an online application before 1 September 2017. All deadlines mentioned in the official communication from NUS are based on Singapore time (GMT + 8 hours).